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From the President

From the President - Roger Hubbard

The first half of 2017 has just past, and it has been an active time for the RSIC. The Institute continues to grow, several new members have joined the association, I would like to welcome, BBR Canada, My Construction, Con Cast Pipe, MANA Steel and Rebar D&D. We exhibited again at the Buildex Show in Vancouver in February, gaining good traction with Engineers, Architects, General Contractors and Educators. The Marketing committee looks forward to attending the Calgary show in November and Construct Canada- Toronto in December. While the Golf tournament was a rain out, most members showed up to enjoy a great lunch and comradery, hoping for better weather next year. The 2017 RSIC Convention and AGM is just around the corner, being held at the Moose Hotel in Banff, AB this year. Everyone is certainly looking forward to some great Western hospitality and enlightening business opportunities.

Your Board of Directors held a Planning Session in late March, over one full day, strategized the continuing operations of the Institute for the next several years. Encompassing Financial, Working Committees, Operations/Administration, Members value and continued growth opportunities. The BC business development committee is hard at work to market of association to the Engineering community. Sam Costa has taken on heading up a similar committee in Alberta/Saskatchewan, to coordinate members activities and marketing endeavors. Finally, the Technical group has finished the revisions to the Manual of Standard Practice and it is off the Graphics and printing people. Job well done!! Hope to see most of you in Banff or over the next few months.

Roger Hubbard

Committee News

Marketing Committee

REINFORCED CONCRETE as the most effective and efficient CONSTRUCTION METHOD. Over the past few months the RSIC Marketing Committee has been busy on a few different fronts.

We’ve attended three trade shows so far this year; the OGCA Conference in Collingwood, the Vancouver Buildex and the Calgary Buildex show. We were well received at all events and will be continuing to look for opportunities across the country to help promote our purpose and products. Next in the calendar is the Construct Canada show in Toronto as well as the new Canadian Concrete Show, also in Toronto.

The committee has been focusing our efforts on increasing manual sales. We are in the process of contacting placing unions across the country with the goal of having the unions purchase a manual for every rodman who joins.

In addition to manual sales, we are also in the process of contact all non-member fabricators and mills across the country to promote membership with the RSIC. We are seeing new membership steadily increase as we continue to focus our efforts nationally and we hope to continue the trend of growth moving forward.

There have been a couple of good updates to our website. First, visitors are now able to shop and purchase our products directly through the website using PayPal. Our Manual of Standard Practice, Placing Manual, Pocket Cards and Bar Bends Poster can now all be added to a ‘shopping cart’ and ordered directly on the site. With the Manual of Standard Practice being one of the most visited pages on our site, we also added a picture and direct link to the Manual on our home page for easier access to the product.

The RSIC will be exhibiting to support the industry’s objectives at the brand new Canadian Concrete Expo which will be held February 7th, 8th, 2018 at the International Centre in Toronto. This the only national trade Show in Canada dedicated exclusively to Concrete Construction Industry. For more information click here.

Last, the committee had a standardized Branding Guideline document produced to help us keep all of our logo variations consistent. Moving forward this should help us maintain a standard and recognizable look when publishing anything with the RSIC logo. We have also created ‘Proud Member of the RSIC’ badge which we’ll be sending to all member companies to use at their discretion.

Technical Committee

The Committee reports that it is now finalized the revisions to the Manual of Standard Practice, encompassing all the new building code changes of the last few years. The Manual is entirely re-written, updating our codes, specifications, best practices, product and revised- updated all the Tables. Some of the codes used to update and revise are G30.18-09 (R2014), A23.1-14, A23.2-14 and A23.3-14. Tables have been added and revised to help Engineers, Detailers and Specifiers make their jobs more efficient. This is truly a must have for anyone in the Concrete Construction Industry. Many thanks go to the Committee, not just hours but many days and weeks have been logged into this huge endeavor.

Safety Committee

Committee Activities: (since last report of December 2016)

Safety Videos: Laceration Hazards, General Hazard Awareness

  • MOL – extending deadline for Working at Heights training with proof of registration in approved course
  • IHSA – RSIC Safety Committee Safety Advisory for rebar capping. Final draft returned to IHSA for circulation
  • CRSI invitation to attend Shop Best Practices Workshop circulated
  • MOL report – collapsed caisson on site discussion
  • Accessing stock piles – safety controls and best practices
  • COR – recent audit experience shared
  • Dropping trailers on site – best practices

Social Committee

April 20th Dinner & Second City Show:
The April event was a “laughing” success! Dinner was held at the upbeat downtown Italian restaurant, Scaddabush. Attendees enjoyed conversation over Italian wines, beef and pasta entrees, and delicious tiramisu and tartufo dessert. From there, we all walked in the pouring rain to the Second City Comedy Theatre where we laughed to skits covering topics like Canadianisms, dating in a digital world and American politics. It was a fun night out on the town with fellow members!

Upcoming Events

  • 2017 AGM & Convention – being held for the first time in Banff Alberta at the Moose Hotel and Suites, September 7th – 10th.

2017 RSIC Convention

Attendee registration is being finalized, and it looks like we have a large group ready to converge on the Moose Hotel in downtown Banff, AB.

The Wire 2017 Volume 1 The convention format will follow year’s past with an opening Thursday night cocktail event in the hotel, the AGM taking place on Friday followed by two nights of socializing, outdoor activities, dinner and dancing. Golf at the Fairmont Banff Springs course already has full registration for Saturday while three excursions are being offered through Discover Banff: Discover Lake Louise, Cowboy Cookout Lunch, and Discover Banff & its Wildlife. A DJ will be playing Friday night after dinner in the Moose Hotel while an outing to Wild Bills Saloon promises a wild Saturday night. Our keynote speaker guest speaker will be Rob Feagan, the Executive Director OHS Delivery who will discuss Safe, Fair and Healthy Workplaces. The social committee looks forward to putting on an unforgettable 2017 RSIC Convention in the heart of the Canadian Rockies.


The OCCDC attended the Ontario Association of Architects (OAA) annual general meeting also displayed a booth and a Lunch & Learn on The Canadian War Museum a Concrete Award Winner. It was all well attended note we also give a sponsorship of $10,000.00 from the OCCDC.

Nancy as some may remember has given her notice of retirement for all associations including the OCCDC.

The Ontario Concrete Award committee met to discuss this year’s submittals. They are due Thursday September 21, 2017. We are still doing it there paper subtotals but are planning for next year to be Electronic Submission with document to make it easy for potential Applicants. Also the OCA will begin to spread to Social Media outlets to grow awareness for both potential Projects submissions and Award winner which may make it more attractive!

In regards to the Spreading word of Wood structures a Professor John Straube did a presentation on the benefits of concrete and cons of wood structures such as Mould, Moisture issue, Sound penetration and as well as Thermal Issues. It was very well attended and well received. It does seem from our group that these Wood structures are not gaining ground and will not propose major problem for our industry for the future, too many unkonowns that are a deterrent for Wood Structures. But we are still keeping our attention on that issue. OCCDC are looking possibly to have Professor Straube present at the Concrete Canada instead doing a Round Table as we normally do.

The Wire 2017 Volume 1

The Wire 2017 Volume 1

Detailer Certification

This year the RSIC is pleased to announce that 15 detailers have met the qualifications for certification in the RSIC Detailer Certification Program. The program is meant to recognize the contribution of Detailers to the industry as well as encourage standardization and higher quality of placing drawings within our member companies.

To qualify a detailer must have at two years experience in detailing and have a working relationship of at least one year with a member company of the RSIC as well as demonstrate abilities to detail the following building components:

  • footings column, piers & wall
  • columns – single and multiple
  • walls – simple and cantilevered retaining walls
  • beams – simple spans and continuous spans
  • slabs – one-way and two-way

For further information please follow this link to the RSIC website. click here

Western Canada Update

As the RSIC continues to grow in western Canada member companies have starting having regular meeting to discuss several topics related to issues in their region. Some of the topics include:

Some of the topics include:

  • Training of foreman as well as field and detailing staff
  • Renew relations with structural engineers via presentations from fabricators and industry suppliers
  • Co-ordinate a round table discussion with Formwork contactors regarding on-site issues ie. scope of work, scheduling, information sharing
  • Safety

The Wire 2017 Volume 1


The Council of Ontario Construction Association (COCA) is the voice of the construction industry at Queen’s Park. COCA was instrumental in working with the WSIB in lowering insurance rates by more than 5% for the upcoming year, something we haven’t seen in more than ten years. WSIB will have the new rate framework ready for 2018 which should lower rates for most again.

The Ontario government has heard our collective message on Construction Lien Act reform and Prompt Payment and has received the Reynolds Report. Now we will have the Attorney General readying a renewed and modern CLA including Prompt Payment and dispute resolution for a spring legislature presentation.

COCA had the pleasure of Ontario’s Attorney General Yasir Naqvi give welcoming remarks at their Construction Season reception at Queen’s park in September. Yasir assured us of the commitment the government has to reform.

COCA is also very much involved with the Ministry of Labour, the Ontario College of Trades, Ministry of Infrastructure and Infrastructure Ontario and the Office of the Employer Adviser. For more info, please see

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