From The President

I hope everyone is safe and well. As the country begins the recovery phase of Covid-19, while trying to limit a second wave, all of us must do our part to help in this process. I want to reach out and thank all of our membership for doing such an awesome job managing through this very difficult time. Thank you to all of the essential workers showing up every day to do their job for all Canadians. From steel mill workers, staff at fabricators, jobsite personnel and all the workers with our associate members, we thank you.

A special Thank You to all of Canada’s front line workers, at all levels of the health care system, our hats are off to you all. As a special thanks, I am proud to announce the RSIC made a $5,000.00 donation to the FRONTLINE FUND. This supports hospitals and workers across Canada.

Our committees continue to be active and doing great work. See the messages from the committees in this newsletter. We have formed an ad hoc committee in the Vancouver BC area to address and combat the engineered wood structures situation. They will be working on securing information to address that reinforced concrete continues to be a better and viable construction method, vs wood.

The long-awaited CSA G30.18 revision update is finally getting kicked off with a couple of days of meetings Sept30 and October 1. I am happy to announce that Rick Dozzi of Canadian BBR will take over as chairperson of the committee. A completion-publication date is expected to be November 2021.

We will be holding a general member’s meeting, virtually, mid October, having a guest speaker and roundtable discussions from all parts of Canada. More details will be available shortly. In addition, the RSIC Annual General Meeting will be a virtual get together in early November.

From the Social Committee

Of course, with what is happening all over the world in 2020, the social committee was hit hard by COVID19. With mass lock downs nationwide, it has been almost impossible to carry on the usual RSIC annual events.

Due to the aforementioned lockdowns, all dinners, presentations, golf tournaments and other events were unfortunately cancelled. The 2020 Annual AGM planned to take place in Niagara Falls, ON was cancelled to comply with provincial restrictions on large gatherings and to respect the uncertainty of long distance travel faced by our members. Further plans have been put on hold as provinces prepare for the “second wave”.

There is some ‘good’ news, however, from the social committee. The 2021 Convention is planned to be held in Niagara Falls; to make up for this year. More details will be communicated at a later date based on the state of the pandemic at that time. Lastly, there will be a virtual meeting for all general members of the RSIC in October. For more information on the virtual meeting, please feel free to reach out to

The social committee will continue to plan events keeping people’s health and safety as the number one concern. We remain hopeful that all the past events you enjoy will be back in 2021, as well as a few new ones!

From The Marketing Committee

Similar to our other committees, the Marketing Committee has been keeping very busy behind the scenes.

With the push for engineered wood buildings in Western Canada, advertising has been a big goal of ours. To the right is an advertisement we recently published in the Daily Commercial News in Ontario, as well as in the Journal of Commerce in BC. This same advertisement has hit a couple of other national publications as well. It will continue to be a strategic initiative of ours to make sure CIP concrete construction and the RSIC remain in the eyes of architects, engineers and builders across the country.

The committee is still working on a ‘history of the RSIC’ write up, which will be included in our Membership Packages, on our website and other association literature. We’ve changed gears here from a full timeline type document to a more simple writeup of our history. We’re going to include our current committees and board members, as well as current and past presidents.

Among other things, the committee is also working on finalizing a Reinforcing Steel Career Opportunity handout. The pamphlet will include a brief writeup on the main career opportunities in our business – field work, detailing, estimating, project management, sales and shop fabrication work. The pamphlet can be used at trade shows, career fairs, in schools and with guidance counsellors, etc.

We’ve got more on the go than we can write about here, so rest assured we’re keeping busy promoting our industry and Institute while we weather the COVID storm.

From The Technical Committee

The Technical Committee has been doing as much behind the scenes work as they can. They had a virtual meeting on May 21st, in which they went over things like LEED and Environmental Product Declaration. The French translation of the new Manual of Standard Practice is in review, and will hopefully be available for publication and sale soon.

From The Health & Safety Committee

The health and safety committee has been keeping on its usual course of quarterly virtual meetings. With the construction world still moving forward throughout most of, if not all of, the pandemic, this committee remains vital and important. They had a meeting in May, as well as having one at the end of this month.

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