Message From The President

I cannot believe we are into Spring of 2023 already.

I am pleased to share that the RSIC has been very active across the country this year. We’ve participated in four Trade Shows, held four dinner meetings for our membership, as well as celebrated our newly elected Honorary Members. On top of this, we have continued to be active with COCA, the Unions, and other levels of government on differing issues.

In late January, the Board of Directors met for a Strategic Planning Session in Ontario, and via Zoom for those that couldn’t make it in person.

Topics of discussion included:

  • education and recruitment into the reinforcing steel trade
  • the emergence of mass timber as a preferred building material
  • Detailer Certification
  • committee updates
  • committee volunteer makeup and succession planning
  • the implementation of a new Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Statement
  • the emergence and need for Environment Product Declaration (EPDs)

As always, our financial picture was reviewed in detail. We are proud to say that we are in good shape financially and look forward to being on budget this fiscal year.

The Board reviewed all of the committee members and now have co-chairs being named to each committee for succession planning purposes. We have had a lot of keen interest from members regarding joining a variety of the committees. If there are others looking to help out in any way, please contact us here at the RSIC.

An interesting and exciting new endeavor is just starting to gain steam. The RSIC is discussing the benefits of establishing an RSIC member specific/Canada wide Environmental Product Declaration (EPD). Consultants are currently being contacted and being interviewed. Once the process and requirements of this large undertaking are established, a membership wide Zoom Meeting will be held to layout the program to everyone. We’re aiming for this to take place later this spring.

Another area of importance this year is the need and desire to have a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Statement which reflects the RSIC’s values as an organization. We’re proud to announce the release of our new DEI statement, which can be seen just below.

I sincerely look forward to seeing everyone later this spring at the various Golf Tournaments across the country.

Roger Hubbard



All the ways in which people differ.


Fair treatment, access, opportunity and advancement for all people. One’s identity cannot predict the outcome.


A variety of people have power, a voice and decision-making authority.

A long overdue and necessary topic of discussion at the Strategic Planning Session held last January was the need for a Diversity, Equity & Inclusion statement which reflected the views of our Association. After much discussion, the Board is proud to announce the following as the RSIC’s new DEI statement.

“The Reinforcing Steel Institute of Canada (RSIC) is committed to the principles of equity, diversity, and inclusion in all aspects of our organization. We believe we are stronger when we not only celebrate our many differences, values, and voices, but include them in practice. This means our organization will actively work to understand and remove barriers to equity and inclusion, be they systematic, physical, or otherwise.”

The Marketing Committee

To Promote and Support Reinforced Concrete as the most effective and efficient construction method.Your RSIC Marketing Committee has been busy as always helping to promote the RSIC and our mandate to support reinforced concrete as the most efficient and effective construction method.

We’ve placed multiple ads this year in several different publications across the country. We’re currently running a couple of different messages in our advertisements. One of the most notable messages we’re sending is to bring awareness regarding the many career opportunities within our industry. In these ads we’re directing the reader to our website where they can not only find information on the different positions in our industry, but also on all of our member companies.

With mass timber continuing to gain steam as a preferred building product for architects and owners, we’re now creating a database of information to learn as much as we can about the product and its pros and cons. Once we have a solid understanding of the landscape, we plan on reaching out to other concrete related associations to discuss teaming up on an advertising campaign. This will reinforced concrete is staying front and center with the right audiences.

As mentioned in our Presidents Message, The RSIC’s trade show activity this year has been great so far. We’ve seen a lot of interest in our industry and association and are continuing to stay in the spotlight at relevant events. So far we have attended the Buildex Calgary, Buildex Vancouver, The Builders Show Toronto and Concrete Expo Toronto. All four shows were successful with good attendance and great conversations.

In order to stay fresh, we’ve produced 3 new booth pop-ups. Our pictures and messages are now updated and we’ve even included a OR code that booth visitors can scan at the shows to take them directly to our website!

We’ve been continuing to stay active on Linkedln, posting information on upcoming events, interesting pictures and updates from the RSIC. If you haven’t already, please follow us and help strengthen our footprint.

We hosted a great seminar at the Canadian Concrete Expo (see summary below} and will continue to look for the right opportunities to speak about our industry and products at events across the country.

Your RSIC Marketing Committee will continue to work hard to promote our Association and industry. Please stay connected and up to date at Linkedln and on our website. Looking forward to seeing everyone soon at our many upcoming events.

Chris Seon

3 pop-up messages created for the trade booths.

Education & Recruitment

This has been an important topic of discussion for many years, however; with the current people power shortages and succession planning challenges many of our member companies are facing, the topic of Education and Recruitment for our industry is more important than ever.

To this end, the RSIC is exploring the option of creating a new Education Committee. The committee will have many action items to tackle, but its main purpose is clear – to help educate students at all levels across the country about the careers available within our industry.

The RSIC will be seeking to support and spearhead education with regards to the rebar industry at the collegiate level. Our belief being, if the students attending construction related courses are more robustly educated about rebar specific items, recruitment into our industry will follow suit. In turn, the overall health of our industry and the projects that we work on will be stronger.

One of the first action items being tackled by our committee members is to contact colleges across the country to attain information on what type of information is currently included in their curriculum with regards to rebar. Once this information is determined, the questions will include – can we provide more information to build a more thorough understanding? Can we attend classes, career fairs, or host seminars regarding our industry and the careers available? Can we provide literature to help teachers, professors and guidance councillors educate interested students about our industry?

Don Shahan

front cover of the Careers in the Reinforcing Steel Industry
The RSIC Booth at the BUILDEX show in Vancouver

The RSIC Booth at the BUILDEX show in Vancouver

The Social Committee

We are well into 2023 and we appreciated everyone who attended our Eastern and Western dinners in mid-February. With the Buildex Show in Vancouver and the Canadian Concrete Expo in Toronto, it was the opportune time to get together and reconnect early in the new year.

The Eastern dinner was a casual and lively event held at The Chophouse. Our after-dinner entertainment featured a Mentalist named Paul Pacific. He showcased his mind-bending skills with full audience participation and left us completely confounded by how he pulled off his tricks.

The Western dinner was held at the trendy Glowbal restaurant in downtown Vancouver and featured a discussion with the engineers from RJC.

Looking ahead to the warmer, active months of Spring, we’re excited to offer our two annual golf tournaments this May. Leading us off this year is the Western Golf Tournament which will be held at the Mayfair Lakes in Vancouver on Tuesday, May 16th. The Ontario Golf Tournament will take place a week later on Thursday, May 25th at the TPC Toronto at Osprey Valley GC in Acton. Registrations for both events will be sent out soon. Get ready to grip it and rip it!

Planning is underway for the 2023 RSIC Annual General Meeting & Convention. Please save the date for September 14 – 17th, 2023. Our AGM will be hosted at the historic Fairmont Choteau Laurier in Ottawa, Ontario.

We’re looking forward to another memorable weekend together alongside the backdrop of the nation’s capital, the beautiful Rideau Canal locks, and the vibrant downtown core. It will be the 50th Anniversary of the RSIO (originating Ontario chapter) and we can’t wait to celebrate this golden anniversary with you!

Finally, we’d like to welcome our two newest members to the Social Committee, Marco Desmarais of Arcelor Mittal, and Jake Bowen of Jebsen & Jessen Metals. They are joining our committee leader, Keith Baugaard (Salit Steel), Mike Brown (Alta Steel) and Megan Kelleher (Barsplice Products). As always, we invite all members to share your ideas for future events, locations, or activities with us!

Megan Kelleher

Honorary Members Dinner Roger Hubbard with the Cohen family and Keith Baugaard.

Honorary Members Dinner
Roger Hubbard with the Cohen family and Keith Baugaard honoring Larry Cohen (not present) of Salit Steel

Honorary Members Dinner with inductees Cathy Eybel and Brad McFadden

Technical Committee Update

Front cover of the Manual of Standard PracticeFirst off, the Technical Committee is pleased to announce the addition of two new members, Miranda Oorri of Mansteel and Robbie Hall from HRC.

The committee has continued to meet regularly both virtually and in-­person when it makes sense to do so.

The RSIC MOSP V5 is now published in English and French, with a note added to page 20 and page 69 to emphasize the importance of proper and safe securing of reinforcing steel during installation. Additionally, numerous codes and clauses were updated in the latest issue, including CSA G30.18:21, S413:21, and Wl86:21. We have also a added column to Table 2 on page 33 to show the Tensile Test Requirements for Grade 600W. These updates ensure that the manual remains up to date with the latest standards.

The committee conducted a thorough review of the “Guidelines for Inspection and Field Acceptance of Glass Fibre Reinforced Polymer {GFRP) Reinforcing.” The questions from the technical committee and the answers from the MTO are now listed at the MTO Technical Consultation Portal at,

In response to concerns raised by engineers from Vancouver about shop drawings lacking proper attention to seismic hook requirements, the committee reviewed relevant sources and confirmed RSIC MOSP fifth edition V4 table 5D is correctly indicating 100mm Min for Seismic zones for stirrups, ties and hooks.

The front cover of the Placing Reinforcing Bars ManualThe committee is happy to report some progress on the previously raised concerns regarding the testing of mechanical connectors, specifically with respect to CSA 830.18-21, CSA S-6: clause, CSA A23.3: clause, and Efforts are underway to improve the verbiage across the board, and the committee is pleased to have the involvement of Adam Lubell, who sits on S6, CSA 23.3, S413, and ACI, in this matter.

Looking ahead, the committee has several projects on the horizon. One key project is updating the pocket cards to ensure they reflect the latest codes and standards. In addition, the committee is planning to extend table 5D in the MOSP to include epoxy and galvanized stirrup hooks.

The biggest task on MOSP is yet to come which would be updating the manual to include the tables for high strength rebar. The committee recognizes the scale and the importance of this project and is committed to ensuring the manual is up-to-date and reflective of current industry practices.

Maryam Rezaie

The Canadian Concrete EXPO

Introduction to Mechanical Slices for Reinforcing Bars and their Application.

During the Canadian Concrete Expo held February 16th and 17th at the International Centre in Toronto, the RSIC was proud to host a seminar on an Introduction to Mechanical Splices for Reinforcing Bars and Their Applications.

The seminar focused on providing an overview of the different types and applications of the many different mechanical splices for reinforcing bars. Our hosts discussed rebar splicing, when to use mechanical couplers, which couplers should be used in different scenarios, as well as the relevant code requirements surrounding the topic.

The seminar was very well received, with well over 40 attendees from a broad range of disciplines in the construction business.

We are very thankful to our hosts for representing the RSIC and fielding such a great discussion.

RSIC hosted a seminar Introduction to Mechanical Splices for Reinforcing Bars and Their Applications

Left to right: Robbie Hall {General Manager – Headed Reinforcement Corporation), Sean van Rassel {Director of Business Development Engineered Products – Dayton Superior Canada Ltd), Fadi Younes (Territory Sales Manager, nVent LENTON), and Megan Kelleher {Canadian Sales Manager, Barsplice Products, Inc.)

Safety Committee

The RSIC Safety Committee is a collaborative network of reinforcing steel professionals committed to sharing best practices. Our quarterly meetings are structured with a General Discussion Topic, Regulatory Agency field or shop visits (eg. MOL, WSBC OHS), sharing of Shop or Field Incidents and, Round Table discussions to share best practices.

Our most recent committee meeting was held on March 14, 2023 where the topic of discussion was on mental health. Among other ongoing discussions, some key topics of interest were:

  • different learning and assistance programs available
  • recent field or shop visits have been focused on dowel protection and lifting bags
  • shop and field incident discussions included a gantry crane derailment, improper rigging of a pre­fabricated column and material handling with a telehandler
  • additional round table discussions included sourcing lifting bags, hot work assessments and the addition of new safety committee members

For further insight into the recent RSIC Safety Committee Meeting discussion topics, please request a copy of the RSIC Safety Committee Meeting minutes from Roger Hubbard and we’ll send them over to you.

If you or someone in your organization would like to join the safety committee, please contact Roger and we’ll get in touch.

Alan Piddington

Construction site with reinforcing steel installation