From The President

Welcome, we hope you are all safe and well. While the world continues to battle Covid-19, vaccines are being rolled out at greater volumes, and we are seeing some sense of normalcy start to return.

Even with Covid-19, the RSIC continues to be busy, we had a successful AGM in early December, via Zoom, a first ever, may not be our last. After covering off normal business activity, a very brisk and robust roundtable discussion was held. Several topics were discussed, but G30.18 and high strength steel seemed to be the favourite of the evening. Speaking of which, the G30.18 technical committee has now wrapped up its work on the document. It will be out very soon for public comment. I will forward the standard to all, for review, as soon as, it is out. I would like to thank Rick Dozzi, Chair of the CSA G30.18 technical com-mittee, as well as committee members, Emin Buzimkic, Steve Dietrich, Jack Vanier, Sam Costa, Patrick Fowler, Marco Desmarais, Dan Bourdon, Christian Guenther, Kastriot Berisha, Ben Zurbrigg, Alain Bernard, Joe Henke, Leonardo Nunes and Roger Hubbard for their many hours spent working on bringing an updated code to our industry with a new grade of High Strength Rebar included. The last revision was all the way back in 2009.

In early February, we had a “business” night, with some social thrown in, a glass of wine or so, on a Zoom call for all members, with another robust roundtable discussion. This time we had a panel of consulting engineers, Craig Slama, Adam Lubell, Omar AlHarras and Geoff Poh all were gracious enough to lend their experience and expertise on a variety of topics of including High Strength Rebar. The social committee has another fun night coming up in April [see their update below]. The French translated version of the Manual of Standard Practice is close to being ready. My apologies for the delay, hope we get this right and very soon. I also want to acknowledge and thank Steve Dietrich and Pat Kilkenny for their many years of service on the Board of Directors. Their input, experience and knowledge of the Rebar industry and business in general was a tremendous asset to RSIC. Replacing Steve and Pat on the Board is Dana Lingwood and George Sinkins, who are already stepping up and getting involved and will be valued contributors to the Board.

In closing, we are entering the “3rd Wave of Covid-19”, but vaccines are being rolled out at a rapid rate. Please get registered ASAP and get your vaccine when you can. We all want to get our lives back and hoping we can get together for a convention, social meeting or at least a coffee very soon. Stay safe and be well!

From The Marketing Committee

It’s been a crazy year for us all and, like everyone, the Marketing Committee is looking forward to the summer weather. We’ve stayed busy behind the scenes as best we can to keep the RSIC at the forefront of the engineering communities, GC’s, architects and all other industry partners.

We’re continuing to advertise for the use of reinforced concrete over other construction methods, namely; engineered wood construction. Most recently we’ve advertised for the RSIC and CIP concrete construction in the new Canadian Concrete Expo magazine. Our most recent advertising project is again in the monthly CCE magazine. We will be writing a full article on the new G30.18-21, focusing on the main updates and the addition of G600. We’ll also be placing an ad for the RSIC and CIP construction. Please keep an eye out for the article and ad in the April edition of the publication. We’ll also post it on our website and LinkedIn page, so please visit and share.

Another project we’ve completed is the Reinforcing Steel Industry Career Opportunity Flyer. The flyer can be used at career fairs, trade shows, at schools with guidance counselors and so forth to help introduce people to the many opportunities within our industry. The pamphlet includes brief write ups on the main career opportunities in our business – field work, detailing, estimating, project management, sales and shop fabrication work. The flyer will soon be posted on our LinkedIn page and website. So again, please visit and share.

The RSIC has signed up and will be (hopefully) attending the Construct Canada Buildings Show in Toronto, December 1-3, as well as the Builders Show in Vancouver at the end of September. We will be posting and advertising about the shows and our booth locations as we get closer to the events. We’re hoping to see you all at the shows, if not sooner!

From the Social Committee

It goes without saying that your Social Committee has missed hosting our quarterly dinner meetings, regional golf tournaments and the always memorable AGM conference weekend! Our December 2020 AGM Zoom was a nice opportunity to see one another, listen to Alex Carrick speak about the economic outlook, get an informative update about safety from Cathy Eybel and discuss the G30.19 code updates. Thanks to all who attended and participated!

Let’s now look forward to Thursday, April 22nd at 6 pm EST when we’re back with a social Zoom centered around wine and comedy! We’ll have three members make short presentations on wine selections from three different price points along with a cheese or dessert pairing to compliment the wine. The wine selections will be sent out in advance, so you can purchase the wine and taste along with the presentations if you choose. A comedian will round out the 90-minute social Zoom. Let’s get online for virtual wine and one other’s company!

Spring Social Zoom Virtual Wine

Other Save-the-Dates for Fall 2021:

  • The RSIC tentatively anticipates moving forward with the 2021 AGM in person. We’re re-booked at The Sheraton On The Falls Hotel in Niagara Falls for Thursday, September 16th – Sunday, September 19th. We’ll keep you informed of the plans as the date approaches.
  • The annual Ontario Golf Tournament is set for Thursday, September 30th at the Glen Abbey Golf Club in Oakville, Ontario. Start practicing your golf game now because after missing last year’s tournament, we’re anticipating a lively and competitive day on the links! This summer will surely bring plenty of practice rounds for us all!

From The Detailing Committee

The RSIC is pleased to announce that 18 detailers met the RSIC Detailer Certification Program’s qualifications last year and their plaques are likely now all delivered. The program recognizes the contribution of Detailers to the industry and encourages standardization and a higher quality of placing drawings within our member companies. Applications for this year are currently requested.

A detailer must have at least two years of experience in detailing and have a working relationship of at least one year with a member company of the RSIC, as well as demonstrate abilities to detail the following building components:

  • Footings: column, piers and wall
  • Columns: single and multiple
  • Walls: simple and cantilevered retaining walls
  • Beams: simple spans and continuous spans
  • Slabs: one-way and two-way

For a full overview of the certification, please visit the Detailers Certification Program page.

From The Health & Safety Committee

The RSIC safety committee has been very busy the last few months, meeting [virtually of course] in Sept. 2020, Dec. 2020, and March 2021. As usual, the safety committee does a deep dive into various topics, including news from Ministry of Labor, going over some incidents/near misses/etc. that has happened, and other points revolving on anything H&S. As the global pandemic continues, the safety committee has also made discussions about COVID a priority and how to keep all of our workers safe, in the office, in the plants, and out in the field.

Overall, some of the high level issues that they have been discussing lately are:

  • How COVID protocols need to be in place and how they are being inspected.
  • Plant / equipment safety upkeep and identifying issues.
  • Identifying any potential safety concerns with higher grade steel.
  • Ergonomics for plant workers.
  • Bundling/rigging/shipping best practices
  • Metrolinx Training on rail corridors

The list of discussion points go on for much more than mentioned above. For more info on the safety committee, please reach out to Cathy Eybel.

From The Technical Committee

The Technical Committee has remained busy as well, keeping up with virtual meetings and discussions. They had a meeting in November 2020 and another in February 2021. Current discussion points included:

MOSP 2020 V3 was issued before the new year and the changes included :
Addition of Table 5C – Standard hook dimensions for Galvanized Reinforcing Bars
Updated FIG 8-3 and 8-4, showing 3D images showing sequence of placing support bars in two way flat plate
Updated codes across the manual and other editorial changes

  • Review of latest changes and additions to Manual Standard Practice prior to printing a new batch.
  • Roundtables about high grade rebar
  • Roundtable about BIM,
  • Review of frequently asked questions and drafting answers for the website
  • Upcoming Revisions to CSA G30.18

G30.18 Update

As mentioned in the presidents update, the newly formed G30.18 committee has been busy and working alongside the RSIC technical committee to get the details ironed out about this spec. They have finished the first round revision, and is availiable for viewing here: [all members are encouraged to provide comments where applicable!]

Updating G30.18 consisted primarily of the addition of grade 600MPa reinforcing and minor editorial revisions in the document. Basic Manufacturing Techniques explaining the processes have been added in the Annex “C” of the standard (the Annex is not a mandatory part of the Standard but is provided for information).

Special thank you to RSIC committee members who participated on reviewing the CSA G30.18!