Estimating refers to the procedure by which a rebar estimator, for the purpose of pricing, determines approximately how much rebar, welded wire mesh and accessories; and of what sizes are required in a reinforced concrete structure.

Estimators will typically make use of Structural and Architectural drawings, though all drawing sets are sometimes used.

The process of analyzing the drawings and specifications, interpreting and pulling together all the figures and data and entering them into an estimating program is repeated for each reinforced member in a structure until a complete estimate of the necessary scope of work is produced.

This estimate will constitute the vast majority of information necessary by the sales estimator in order to furnish a quote on a given project – one of the many reasons the estimators job is so important in the rebar business.

The Estimator needs to have a strong construction sense, have the ability to read Structural and Architectural drawings proficiently and possess good interpretation and communication skills.

As the Estimator is one of the first people in the business to see upcoming projects in detail; the position can be an exciting and desirable one to hold.