Detailing is one of the most important aspects of the rebar business.

A detailer’s job is to create shop and placing drawings, most commonly by use of an electronic drafting program for the purpose outlining all information regarding the rebar requirements in a given structure.

Detailers will typically make use of Structural and Architectural drawings, though all drawing sets are sometimes used.

The fabrication shop and iron workers on site rely on the detailer and the drawings they produce in a number of vital ways:

  • Each bar, or set of bars laid out by the detailer on the shop drawings correspond to a specific bar mark.
  • The bar marks comprise a range of data including the number of bars, bar size, bar shape and dimensions needed to meet the specifications in the reinforced concrete member they were designed for.
  • The fabrication shop pulls the information directly from these bar marks and fabricates the bars according to the specified details therein.
  • After the rebar is fabricated and sent to site, all information required for rebar placement will be found on the drawings produced by the detailer – another key component in the rebar business and further to why the detailer’s job is so critical.