Code of Ethic

The fundamental goal of the INSTITUTE is to foster the controlled growth pattern of the industry in the areas of research, development and integrity. To this end, all members of the REINFORCING STEEL INSTITUTE OF CANADA do adhere to the following Code of Ethics:

  • Members will fully respect the corporate privacy of their colleagues in all business practices, and at no time perform in any manner that may impugn either the integrity of a fellow member or the aspirations of the REINFORCING STEEL INSTITUTE OF CANADA.
  • In the interest of the public at large, members will maintain a high level of quality in both material and workmanship equal to the Institute’s Manual of Standard Practice.
  • Within the negotiations of contractual agreements, members will adhere to a high level of integrity in all aspects of both quantity and range of materials supplied.
  • Members will strictly adhere to the essence of the specifications of all contracts with particular regard to material standards

Download a PDF copy of the Code of Ethic.