Organizational Chart

RSIC Organizational Chart
List of existing committees and their responsibilities:

Technical Committee responsibilities:

  • All technical aspects of the industry.
  • Develop and maintain the Manual of Standard Practice.
  • Inform members of changes in codes and practices.
  • Organize seminars and presentations on the latest technology news

Marketing Committee responsibilities:

  • Promote the use of Reinforcing Steel in the construction industry.
  • Promote and distribute the Manual of Standard Practice.
  • Organize marketing and promotional activities at various trade shows

Safety Committee responsibilities:

  • Liaison between various trades, organizations, government and member companies on all aspects of health and safety legislation.
  • Analyze and recommend solutions for improved safety standards and practices within the Reinforcing Steel industr.

The Detailer Certification Committee responsibilities:

  • Annual review of applications and drawings for certification

Social Committee responsibilities:

  • Organize Annual Conventions
  • Arrange social events
  • Invite knowledgeable guest speakers for general meeting

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