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The Wire - The Newsletter of the Reinforcing Steel Industry of Canada

This is the first edition of “The Wire”, the newsletter of the Steel Reinforcing Industry of Canada. We intend to provide this newsletter twice a year to keep everyone up to-date and share information with our members.

To make it really yours and meaningful please feel free to share your local events, concerns, thoughts or suggestions with us. We will read all submissions and try and provide a useful vehicle to provide this information throughout the industry. Editorial copy is great. Pictures even better. Please submit them to Laura at the RSIC office.

From the President

From the President - Roger Hubbard

Roger Hubbard

It is now one year since the RSIO has taken on the active role of operating and managing the RSIC. Much has occurred and been accomplished in this short time, but much more work is to be done in both the short and long term.I was recently passed the torch of the Presidency from Pat Kilkenny and would like to thank Pat for his hard work and long term dedication to the Industry. Pat remains an active and vital Board Member.

I am very proud to report that the RSIC is celebrating its 40th Anniversary this year, watch for some upcoming celebratory events. Many significant highlights have occurred this past year, for instance the publishing of the much anticipated Placing Manual. The Manual has been very well received and already sold over 500 copies in just a couple months.

The forming of the Steering Committee at the 2015 AGM has also been an exciting addition, please see their report in this newsletter. The Board recently concluded a Strategic Planning Session held over March 11 and 12. Much came out of the meetings including new initiatives which will be organized and instituted in the months and years to come. See the Steering Committee report for more detail on these initiatives. The Board also reviewed financials, governance, fiscal responsibilities, committee work, management, membership recruitment, and the short and long term vision for the Institute.

Our organization remains very sound financially. In addition, we have increased membership in the last year across Canada at all levels, Mills, Fabricators and Associates. Our strongest attribute however continues to be the involvement and dedication of our members, working for the greater good of our Institute, and to promote the reinforced Concrete Industry as the Most Efficient and Effective Method of Construction. I would like to thank those volunteers involved in our 9 working committees. Check out our website www.rebar.org for recent updates.

Committee News

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee’s report was accepted by the Board at the recent Strategic Planning session. The Board thanked the committee for their work and commitment to the Institute. Several long term goals and projects have resulted from the committee’s work. As a result of their ideas, the Board is now organizing new working committees to plan and implement the projects. The main initiatives include Education and Recruitment at the High School level as well as working with Colleges and University programs on an advisory basis across Canada. Moving forward, the RSIC will also be helping members on a National basis with RSIC promotion and marketing efforts. An example of the effort we’re putting forward is the recent Buildex Show in Vancouver where we introduced the RSIC to over 15,000 Architects, Engineers, Contractors, Students and attendees. We also intend to keep our members up-to-date on important industry news, for example LEED trends. The Institute will continue to promote and advise on Technical issues in the Engineering field across Canada, for example our help providing a technical speaker at the ACI Manitoba Chapter dinner in 2015.

Marketing Committee

Chris Seon has been appointed as Chair of this committee for 2016, transitioning from Keith Baugart. Keith thank you for all your leadership in the past.

Once again the Construct Canada show in Toronto was a success for the RSIC. There was a lot of interest shown in the Placing Reinforcing Bars manual as well as the updated Manual of Standard Practice. We thank all the volunteers who helped man the booth.

RSIC placed ad in the online newsletter of the CSCE. The advertisement was used to introduce the newly formed RSIC to roughly 8,000 civil engineers across Canada. The E-newsletter linked directly to our rebar.org website. RSIC presentation to the ACI Winnipeg Chapter was well received. This particular presentation was on the merits of high strength and corrosion resistant reinforcing steel in concrete construction. Approximately XXX members of the ACI Winnipeg Chapter attended and feedback has been positive. We will continue to offer our technical services anywhere we can when opportunities arise. RSIC exhibited this year at the Buildex Vancouver show which is the largest concrete/construction event in Western Canada, with over 14,000 visitors attending each year. The RSIC was excited to be part of this event and are looking forward to many years of growing our presence nationally.

We are currently working on an update to the website to include more information about the RSIC, its structure, history and events.

Technical Committee

The team has been very active publishing and printing the 1st Edition of the RSIC Placing Reinforcing Bars Manual. The group is also in the process of finalizing revisions in order to update to the 5th edition of the RSIC Manual of Standard Practice. The committee has been invited by the MTOOPSS department to make a submission in person at a joint meeting to correct and update the OPSS specification. The group is working on at least 8 items of the document. The committee also continues to receive and answer technical questions fielded by the RSIC from the industry.

Safety Committee

Committee News Safety videos:

  • Housekeeping, Preventing Falls, Working Safely Around Mobile Equipment, Heat Stress

MOL’s updates/issues:

  • changes to the training for JHSC members,
  • Worker Health and Safety Awareness Regulation,
  • MOL bulletin about Vehicle/Mobile Equipment and Visibility Hazards at Industrial Workplaces,
  • AODA Regulation awareness,
  • Working From Heights updates,
  • Discipline policies and why they are important – fines have been given directly to workers.

On-road interventions with the Ministry of Transportation and the requirements for load security for delivery trucks in our industry.

New laser safeguarding device on trial for rebar benders and control reliability of safeguards.

New Global Harmonization System (GHS) which will change some WHMIS requirements.

Certificate of Recognition (COR)

Stock pile safety and racking best practices for our industry.

Preventing falls from trailers – having safeguards in place.


The OCCDC is presenting a Lunch & Learn for accreditation at the Ontario Architects Association Conference May 11-13 at Hotel X in Toronto. The 4 OCCDC Case Studies being printed and sent to Architects & Engineers are from the following 2015 Ontario Concrete Award winners:

  • The Bergeron Centre For Engineering Excellence, Toronto York University
  • Ryerson University Student Learning Centre, Toronto
  • Billy Bishop Airport Pedestrian Tunnel, Toronto
  • Southcore Financial Centre, Toronto

The Case Studies will be uploaded onto the OCCDC Website in PDF format by March 25th. We will have printed copies for the April OCCDC meeting and for the OAA Conference.

Labour Relations News

We received the notice to bargain from the union in January 2016. We will start negotiations in March and should have a new deal by the deadline of May 1. We would like to ask all our members to send any issues they would like to present to the bargaining committee in writing to Laura at the RSIC office.

Upcoming Events

  • The RSIC Annual Golf Tournament will be held on May 19th at Peninsula Lakes Golf Club in Fenwick Ontario. Space is limited and the deadline for registration is April 25th!
  • The Annual General Meeting will again be held at the JW Marriott Rosseau Muskoka Resort and Spa. The meetings will take place on September 16th and 17th. More information regarding the weekend will be available shortly.


COCA Recognizes RSIC 40th

Roger Hubbard, Ian Cunningham & Steve Dietrich

The Associations AGM was held March 1 where the Honourable Patrick Brown, PC leader was the keynote speaker. Mr. Brown assured the members that he would continue to work with the Liberals on common grounds and objectives that help and benefit Ontarians, while still holding them accountable in the legislator. Financially they are in good shape and membership is back on the rise. Prompt Payment and the Construction Lien Act reform continued to be the focal point and at the recent COCA Construction Day at Queens Park. The message was delivered by 41 COCA members by meeting with Ministers, Senior Staff and MPPs across all parties. For more news see www.coca.on.ca.

COCA Recognizes RSIC 40th

Ian Cunningham (center) presents a plaque to Roger Hubbard and Steve Dietrich of the RSIC in recognition of the RSIC’s anniversary at COCA’s AGM.

Click here to download a PDF copy of the RSIC Newsletter “The Wire” The Newsletter of the Reinforcing Steel Industry of Canada.